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Castles, Ireland & Surfing - Easkey & Bundoran Roadtrip 2024

Surfing By Castles. There are not a lot of countries in the world where you get a view of several hundred year old castles from the surf. In this video, we leave Lahinch - home to castles - and go surf Bundoran & Easky, by the castle! The Atlantic Ocean is about to go calm for the summer, so it's time, to make it happen:) These Castles & Towers have stayed their ground over hundreds of years. Rain, hail or shine, wave, wind & storm, they have withstood due to their solid structure & foundations. In the last 5 minutes of the video on Youtube, I give a message about the HOPE of living surrounded by Castle-Like Security & Safety. Check it out. Hope you enjoy the video from 3 of Ireland's main surf towns, Lahinch-Bundoran-Easky. Like & Share so it can go far & wide. SURF's UP:) Thanks for Watching, John

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