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2nd Worst Wipe Out In The World? Tow surfing Mullaghmore

​Here’s some details of an exhilarating day at Mully! Mullaghmore is a remarkable wave and what a privilege to surf out there with some of the best surfers out there. After Mark & I rolled out there on Mark’s jet ski, the alarms started bleeping, letting us know that the ski wanted & needed to go back to the pier. I was tempted to just go for it and try use it, but Mark made the good decision to get back to the pier. We just started our way back to the pier when it cut out and we had to get towed back to the pier. Thanks to Nazaré surfer, Rafael Tapia for towing us back and bringing us out to the surf. I was out there for 10 to 15 minutes before Taz Knight swung by and offered to tow me into a few waves. The first wave was a dream. It felt pretty big when I was on it & I just aimed at navigating to the channel. I really wasn’t sure if my tow-board was up to the challenge. I think it’s been 15+ years since I’ve used it. Thankfully it went really well and navigated that first barrel & held the rail while I was up high on that wave. Phew:) The second was seemed so small but as I dropped down, it quickly started to get very serious. I considered straightening out because I felt I was way to deep. Thankfully I didn’t do that but just stuck with the rule, of pulling in no matter what!! When I was inside that Barrel for those couple of seconds, it was an experience I’ll never forget. There was just spray & explosions of spray & water going off in the barrel. It was the wildest ride. As everything closed out around me, I just split from the board and immediately called out to God in prayer by instinct. It was a mental wipe out and I pulled the vest successfully on that one. The final wave I got, which Andrew Cotton towed me in on, was the biggest one that closed out alround me. I went crazy deep on that wipe out and got flushed deeper by the ‘underwater waterfall’. I tried to pull my vest as I was being flipped around & down so deep & thought that I did successfully but had to start swimming up. It was only later that I realised that I hadn’t actually pulled the vest. I had a seriously strained ear drum for a couple of weeks after that. Having avoided it for so many years out of fear, it is so great to start to learn how to approach the wave and start to get a few waves & wipeouts. I watched for over a decade the craziness of days like this at Mullaghmore never thinking I’d get out there myself. So grateful to the local crew who have the safety and logistics dialled. Thanks Guys. Praise the LORD for the Life Assurance & Confidence to be out there:) Glory Jesus. Camerawork & Credits: Special Thanks to: @diegoBalestro_ (water shots). Thank You @_bystephen (epic drone shots). Thank You @garymccallphoto (slowMO, best wave). T.You Tim Bonython (epic, empty waves). Thank You @ibizastuart (Stu cam for life). Gracias & Peadar Cam. Go raibh míle maith agat.

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