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About Cliffs of Hope

Cliffs of Hope is an Irish video based website and Youtube channel featuring Irish pro surfer John McCarthy. The Cliffs of Hope studio is based in Co. Clare, on the West Coast of Ireland

About John McCarthy

Hi my name is John McCarthy. I'm a surfer who lives in Lahinch, Co. Clare.


My wife (Rachel) and I own and run Lahinch Surf School. We have three young high-spirited children. I’m from Tramore, County Waterford. That’s where it all began.


I started surfing at the age of 10 and surfed for Ireland for twenty years and held several national titles at junior and senior level. I was made to surf!

Surfing is what brought me to Lahinch. The draw to the west was so strong, I packed in my job as a software engineer in 2002 to teach people about surfing and surfboards.


June 24, 2006 was the day that I knew my life would

never be the same again. I met the Lord, more

importantly, He met with me:) I experienced an

immense wave of the Love of God, that changed

everything. Jesus said, “Follow Me”. So I did:)

It’s been an amazing journey of faith and blessing.

You couldn't dream of a more amazing life than this:)


I’m passionate about helping people understand

and experience the love and Hope found in God.


I love sharing the hope I've found in being in a personal and spiritual relationship with God. God has blessed my life in amazing ways, since I made the decision to follow Him!

When God gives us His Spirit, it's like our thirsty soul, drinks from a well of love, joy, peace and hope. I can't start to describe it!


That's what God wants to do in everybody's life. Jesus came to give people His Spirit, so we can be free to love God with all our heart.

If this website can encourage or bring hope to one young or old person, this website will be a big success.

Enjoy the site and get to know God. He wants a relationship, He wants to give us His Spirit. Now that's living!

John McCarthy

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 I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

- John 10:10

A Passion


We're passionate about helping people understand and experience the love and Hope found in God.

We operate 3 parts in our Channels: 

1. We share the love of Surfing via Cliffs Surf

2. We share the love of People in Life of Hope

3. We share the love of God with Word of Hope

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An Inspiration

Did you know that, as well as being a surfer, John McCarthy is an inspirational speaker and bible teacher?

Hear John speak on

Word of Hope

Our Mission

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