Overcoming Fear

Do you ever find your heart gets troubled, stressed or anxious?I do! That’s life I believe! It sure is.. I get stressed when there is loads of things to do and seemingly so little time to do it. If you are like me I’m not good at time management or planning. I find I get stressed and anxious as my to do list gets longer. Fear knocks on the door of my heart and very often comes on in and makes itself at home. If you’re the other way and highly organised, you’ll get stressed when less capable people are working around you. We are all different but trouble, stress and anxiety are common to all of us. I find these Words from God so refreshing. “Do Not let your heart be troubled”. That is a command from God and I like that! That’s like a finding out you’ve got a solid foundation during a storm. I feel like saying, “Yes Lord”! The bible says, “Perfect love, casts out fear”. As we trust in Jesus, fear must leave. Oh what joy! If you struggle to trust Him, if I could encourage you to read John Chapter 14. If you want, just read the first 6 verses. If you are like me and like chunks, just read the whole chapter. If you can, just keep going. Chapter 15, 16 and on to the end of John’s Gospel is incredible. You will learn a lot and get to know Jesus in greater depth. The Result - Is Fear, Stress & Anxiety leaving your heart as you trust in Him. You will get to know the peace that Jesus says is not of this world. Be encouraged today. God has a plan. Seek to trust Him more and get to know Him as your personal Lord of your life and Saviour of your sins. God is good, He is ready to forgive. He is not far away at all:) He wants a wonderful personal relationship with you because you matter so so so so so much to Him:)


God so loved the World that He gave...


His Only Son



so that whoever believes in Him would not perish


but have everlasting life


John 3:16