‘Shipwreck and Deliverance’ Newstalk Radio documentary

From Newstalk website: "Brendan Daly explores the incredible story of big-wave surfer and church pastor John McCarthy."

You can listen to the documentary on http://www.newstalk.com/podcasts/

Big thank you to Ennis producer Brendan Daly who put this 40minute doc together.

I have to say it is a very uplifting piece to listen to and recommend it highly. I personally found it very encouraging to listen to.. all that God has done

Shipwreck and Deliverance’ was broadcast on Newstalk 106-108fm on Sunday 19th November at 8am Saturday 25th November at 10pm


God so loved the World that He gave...


His Only Son



so that whoever believes in Him would not perish


but have everlasting life


John 3:16