Easter Message from The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

The Comforter, the Counsellor

The height, depth, length, breadth & width of God’s Love.

 I really enjoyed trying Ski Touring. Climbing up the mountain on sticky ski’s was quite the work-out. While I followed my brothers trail it got me thinking...

Claustrophobia is defined as the extreme or irrational fear of confined places!
Of the Phobias, I think it’s the one with my name on it. 
In this video, I’m...

Celebrating  FREEDOM! On Martin Luther King Jnr week!

The Glen in Ennistymon is one of the most peaceful places. John McCarthy talks about Peace in the New Year. Enjoy

John and baby Nathaniel in Ennis on Christmas Eve.

I find it beneficial to have an 'Ought To' standard to aspire to. I'm not near it but certainly inspired to aspire to great heights. Enjoy new Hope video, "...

November / 'Movember' brings awareness to mens health. John brings the message that, no matter what, you matter!

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About John McCarthy

God so loved the World, He gave His only Son Jesus, that whoever believes in Him, would not perish but have everlasting life. John3.16


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